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Our Platinum Package is our best website design and best marketing package that covers literally every aspect of your digital marketing presence. It’s perfect for any business owner looking to have everything handled with minimal input and effort. This package handles social media, SEO, local optimization, and so much more. Every one of our packages is loaded with standard features that most other companies charge extra for, plus we’re real people who really care about your business and it’s success. In other words if we do well, you do well!

This Package includes

All the standard stuff

All the nuts and bolts your website design and digital marketing need to get going. This includes your domain name, hosting for the year, SSL, cross-linking with any social media and integration of all current branding.

Mobile first design

With the majority of your customers using their mobile devices to access your page, the design needs to focus on mobile-first. We make sure that your site and all marketing are viewable in their best light no matter the device.


Every site comes standard with an info@ email address and the silver package includes 10 additional addresses of your choosing. These can be for staff or other admin purposes, like payments@


We don't use templates, we build each and every site from scratch taking into account the intricacies and features that make your business... well... your business.

Weekly social media posts

We'll post relevant industry-related content to your social media accounts 2x each week which helps show that you are adding fresh content frequently which the search engines love.

Advanced social media

We'll post custom branded content to your social media accounts 2x each week and share those posts across a massive network of industry related groups and networks. In addition, we will create new branding for your social networks to match the new face of your digital marketing.

corporate admin

This will allow a member of staff to log into your site and make content changes, manage inventory, staff, and other things that change more frequently with a large corporate site.

Single page navigable site

Your site will be completely custom-designed, SEO optimized, and will be navigable by the menu at the top but instead of linking to other pages, those menu items link to sections on the homepage (just like our homepage)

Complete analytics

We watch all the traffic in and out of your site and can see how your customers are viewing things. This helps us give you advice on how to steer your marketing for the most effective ROI with the least amount of effort.

monthly CHECK-INS

Every 3 months you will get a call from YOUR dedicated marketing consultant... the same one... every time. They'll get to know you and your business and go over things to help your decision making regarding marketing focus.


Small businesses can greatly benefit from local SEO. Focusing your marketing to the area you do business only makes sense and we know how to make your site look its best for searches.

Advanced marketing pack

We focus all our efforts on making your brand the one that's on everyone's mind! From top-level SEO with optimized meta to submission to over 150 directories. You WILL see more traffic!


The ultimate SEO pack gets you additional pages, posts, and content that has been created for no other reason than to improve your search rankings for any keywords, regions, or industries that you focus in.


You can be as creative as you want to be with your site. No matter your idea we can help make it a reality. This allows you to grow your site in any way you would like. No matter how many images, videos, posts, pages or anything else... we've got you covered.

we're here to help your budget


We offer the ability to get the site, marketing, print collateral, or anything else you need to help your business succeed without the upfront costs.


Depending on the package you choose, we can break your payments up into annual, monthly, or quarterly payments allowing you to pay when it’s most convenient for you (or your bookkeeper). We also offer incrementally increasing payment plans that can grow as you do.

Alternative payment

We also offer the ability to get the marketing you need even if capital is lacking. We are open to trading our services for other services as well as products and other items of value.


We have a 10-acre homestead with 5 littles so we are open to a wide variety of items, including equipment, livestock, materials, vehicles, and just about anything else you have. If you think it’s too crazy, still give us a call, we’ve probably traded for crazier…lol.

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